Technocracy in the Time of CoronaVirus – 2020 – A Litmus-Test for Human Stupidity. Witness the Craven Obeisance of Bootlickers for Obviously Corrupt & Malignant Authority.

Let it be known … 2020 is the year I officially lost all hope for the human collective.

Wherever this human “experiment” is now going, let me make it abundantly clear, that I want absolutely no fucking part of it. 🙄

I mean, there has to come a point, right? Where in all good conscience, one looks around, finally throws one’s hands in the air, and says, “Fuck it man … these people are FUCKED.” 😦

This year … for almost uncountable reasons now … is definitely that moment. Terence McKenna was never more bang on the money, than how I feel right now, looking around at the bulk of humanity grinding themselves down and devolving into hapless and hopeless drone-hood, by way of their government and media-installed behavioural-modification “Covid-Yokes.”

The dehumanisation program is in full swing. At the earliest opportunity, the terrified “guinea-pig” human-cattle will be gratefully and joyously voluntarily vaccinating with un-tested experimental drugs (which even in the rushed trials, have already gone badly wrong) … and once done, if they even still have a job or a business (or any personal health or well-being), will obediently plug themselves back into their respective rat-races of poison, propaganda, and financial slavery.

Accordingly, moving forward, this may well be the last article I can even be bothered writing. Never say never I guess, but this might well be it … my last BARBARIC YAWP of pure frustration sounding out furiously across the vast wilds (or not so wild, as it turns out!) of the human collective experiment known as the internet.

Before I get properly into this article, I’d like to bullet-point a list of my “Top Eight” links … a great collection of information that I’d recommend as the fastest and best way to be able to grok the overarching context which underpins the core themes of this article (and the CoronaVirus scenario per se). Check them out now, or feel free to come back to them if the material I cover and conclusions I reach in this article interest you at all.

  1. Who Is Bill Gates – (2 hours) – this comprehensive exposé by the always excellent James Corbett is (I believe) an absolute must-watch for anyone wanting some serious factual context about the power, reach, and likely motivations of this unelected (and substantially unqualified) individual … who unilaterally affects the lives of billions of people.
  2. Technocracy – An Interview with Patrick Wood – (90 minutes) – this very recent Mercola interview brings the lifelong work of the formidable Patrick Wood into sharp focus, especially in the context of how the Coronavirus plandemic is making life easier … for implementing the multifarious agendas of the technocrats.
  3. The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order – (22 minutes) – this is an excellent and succinct video put together by Spiro Skouras, which clearly outlines a number of the key points and conclusions I reach in this article.
  4. Harry Vox Outlines Operation LockStep from the Rockefeller Foundation – (15 minutes) – this scheme (international pandemic) was concocted by the Deep State back in 2010, and this exposé by Harry Vox was filmed in 2014. The facts contained in the printed documentation are completely chilling … and eerily prescient (how amazing!) with respect to the plandemic we are currently suffering through.
  5. Paul Weston – Covid Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics – (10 minutes) – this short video relays actual NHS data … which is otherwise completely obfuscated and distorted by the powers that be (in the UK in this instance). This kind of misrepresentation and deliberate exaggeration of data has been uniformly adopted by complicit governments around the world as a justification for hyping the fear propaganda and imposing martial-law lockdowns.
  6. Spiro Skouras – We Are Being Lied To – This Is How – (26 minutes) – Given the PCR-test is at the very core of the “tsunami” of (supposed!) Covid19 “cases” … wouldn’t it be of critical importance to know if this test actually has any validity for diagnosis? Well, yeah! The fact is, that it doesn’t … as per the the very clear statements of the actual inventor of the PCR test, Nobel-prize-winner Kary Mullis. This video breaks it down in a very matter of fact way. It’s a must-watch.
  7. Anomaly – This is a Communist Takeover – (18 minutes) – Whatever one chooses to describe it as (and here Anomaly packs in an awful lot of compelling evidential truth) … this plandemic is a deliberate cover and catalyst for global domination, whether techno-communist, techno-fascist … whatever. Those two roads by the way (those of the extreme left or the extreme right) … have a nasty habit of ending up in much the same sort of place. And it’s not somewhere you want to be. I urge you to watch Anomaly break it down … in an easy, accessible, and very organised way.
  8. Dr. Sam Bailey – The Truth About the PCR Test – (18 minutes) – Given the PCR Test is the backbone of the entire rationale behind Covid diagnosis and worldwide lockdowns, it’s probably a good idea to understand why it really is the ACHILLES’ HEEL of the entire “government and authority” narrative. Puncture the validity of the PCR test (for Covid DIAGNOSIS) … and the whole house of cards crumbles. Dr. Sam Bailey has done a sterling job here of explaining what the PCR test is, how it works, how it SHOULD be used, and why its (deliberate?) misinterpretation is doing humanity a grave disservice.

But first, I would ask you to pause for just a moment, take five minutes, and please LISTEN to this extremely highly qualified doctor speak. Trust me … it’s important. The Powers That Be have moved mountains to try to ensure you do not hear this medical professional’s heartfelt opinion. Dr. Roger Hodkinson is truly a hero. Accordingly, he is one of those “inconvenient” doctors the plandemic-operators would prefer you ignore. Don’t ignore him. Share him everywhere you can. 👊

Others who have been doing good work exposing the nature and scale … of the variety of bullshit and “dark-arts” that humanity is currently being exposed to are: Vernon Coleman, Amazing Polly, David Icke, Brian Rose, Judy Mikovits, Mikki Willis, Ben Swann, Julia Hartley-Brewer, and JP Sears.

Okay, with those very worthy credits out of the way, let’s get on with it.

In the past, even if I wasn’t necessarily planning to publish it, I’ve often made the effort to write about something, purely for the reason that my understanding of that thing will be enhanced and undoubtedly improved by the very process of writing about it in an organised and coherent fashion.

But that’s not the case here. I understand more than well enough what the fuck is actually going on. Apparently though, I am one of the very very few … who really want to see the multitude of “ominous dots” out there, do the (relatively little!) work required to join them together, accept what it means, and honestly observe where humanity is likely headed as a result.

Let me be very clear here … this gutless and clueless version of humanity we are bearing witness to in 2020 … absolutely deserves whatever dystopian misery is coming for it. And make no mistake, as we’ll get into a little later, the overarching theme into which humanity is imminently heading, is a dystopian technocracy of ultimate “human-cattle” control … as designed by some of the most psychopathic and omnipotent cunts in existence … who many readers may be familiar with from globalist dens of ethical filth such as the Bilderberg Group, the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc.

At this point of “black-pilled insanity,” the main thing I’m (additionally) devastated about … is that along with (and because of!) that mindless herd of willing abattoir-victims … some very good people who knew better, had courage, and tried to warn the idiot-masses for a very long time … will also get unfairly sucked down into that dystopian hellscape with them.

You see, in this scenario there are no rewards for the informed minority. Quite the opposite, in fact. As ever, when dealing with the immense stupidity of the masses (being happily corralled by their owners) … there is no “opt-out” facility … for those who had the presence of mind and intellectual fortitude to call out what they saw and “fight the power,” in timely fashion. 😦

No. There will be no hall-passes for them, or for anyone. This latest iteration of (now completely global) tyranny … the techno-fascists of the “fourth industrial revolution” … will leave no human livestock behind. All of us will, one way or another, be dragged kicking and screaming … into the technocratic kill-zone. That’s democracy, baby! 😦

It really does seem … the more things change, the more they stay the same, huh? 😦

Don’t get me wrong … I’ve known for a long time there was something fundamentally wrong with the way most people blindly and unquestioningly accept the “programming of the Matrix.”

But (like many avid explorers in the truth business), which is itself essentially just the “asking real questions, and seeking real information” business … I had for a long time harboured some hope that the right information, and circumstances gone “bad enough” for enough people … might trigger an awakening of sufficient scale and intensity … that could actually mean something in terms of humanity being able to pull itself back from the brink … of the type of full-spectrum-dominance global technocratic control-grid … which is currently incoming. It is (literally) just a matter of time until things look like this … because if they can do it, they will do it.

This year though, that hope disappeared. And with that hope disappearing, so too has disappeared whatever worldview I previously had … about the intrinsic psychological/spiritual nature of the vast majority of the rest of the humans with whom I’ve shared my fifty odd years on this planet.

Simply put, it has become very clear to me that these people (if they can properly even be called that) … are not even remotely the same species as me. Those slave-masses … are quite simply not “my people,” let alone my tribe. 😦

How could they be, if they are (after more than seven months of jack-booted fascist brutality, insanity, and human and economic destruction), still believing the Covid-absurdities being served up to them daily by mainstream-media, criminal puppets in government, and other ludicrous (now patently illegitimate) “authorities” worldwide? 🤔

Make no mistake, we are now firmly in “Emperor’s New Clothes” territory.

Okay, given the immensity of the territory we must cover, where to even begin? 🤔

I have been percolating the content of what is becoming this post … in the back of my head … for several months now. But … I kept on procrastinating about putting pen to paper. Unapologetically, I told myself it was for good reason. Why? Because I was SURE … that any moment now … this whole thing was going to deservedly and spectacularly fall on its face.

One of the many reasons I was SURE about this … is that the longer things went on, the more simple truths like those spoken in this little video-clip … would become OBVIOUS to the masses, to an extent they would eventually be UN-IGNORABLE. These truths have continued to become super-obvious to anyone paying attention, but unfortunately, the masses remain firmly in their MSM-fear-porn-comas. It’s just unbelievable what is happening to this world. 😞

I had been sure that one way or another the masses would stand up and say “ENOUGH” … and this Orwellian farce of nightmarish proportion and malignancy … would finally come to its end. People in high places would be exposed. Prosecutions and class-actions would ensue. Damages would be due. Unprecedented reparations would have to be made. Perhaps one or more wars (civil or otherwise) would even kick off (probably deservedly). Whatever. One does not simply implement (and/or suffer) a scam of this magnitude and malevolence … and expect to escape in any way unscathed.

A kind of modern-era “Nuremberg Trials” would need to get underway and have to be taken seriously by the masses … if anything even close to the possibility of “public trust” and a semblance of a “reasonable order” being restored … was going to be remotely possible.

(SIDENOTE … Lo and behold, about a month and a half after releasing this article … what suddenly appeared?) You guessed it! 😂

Time ticked by though, and kept ticking by. And nothing happened. Not only did nothing happen, but the official narrative kept on getting more and more ludicrous. The lies became ever more transparent … and ever more insane. The jack-booted police-state thugs brutalising supposedly FREE men, women, and children worldwide … just kept getting more brutal (and apparently more acceptable). 😦

And scariest of all … the masses themselves just kept on bending over like little bitches, and taking it. And not only taking it, but willingly going along with (and cheering!) their governmental captors/tormentors. Stockholm-syndrome … playing out collectively at national and international levels. As Oliver Twist famously asked, “Please sir, can I have some more?” 🙄

So, as we now see, the above quote by Orwell is no longer hyperbole, fantasy, or some techno-dystopian pessimism … it is a literal reality, happening worldwide, to citizens everywhere, right now. Accordingly, this article is now something different from anything I’ve written before. And it is different because I am no longer writing from the same place I’ve ever written anything before.

Previously, I wrote from a place where there was still some hope. And the reason for that, is that I still fundamentally believed human beings would, at a certain point, WANT to save themselves (and their children and grand-children, etc).

I think this year has made it pretty fucking clear … THAT was an entirely optimistic (and perhaps even naïve) assumption. 😦

What appears to be more truthful, is that the vast masses of “humanity” will suck up almost any indignity, suffer almost any inanity, and allow other humans of such mediocrity and obvious mendaciousness an almost Caligula-esque power, over what this year have transpired to be … their completely ILLUSORY “freedoms.”

I pose the question to all readers … how does one “save people” who have been so effectively programmed that they don’t even realise they need saving? The answer is … you can’t. And in these circumstances, in their very “democratic” way … those clueless motherfuckers are going to take you down with them.

Frank Zappa … another glorious free-thinker from a bygone era … has been on permanent spin-cycle in his grave, from about March of this year. Just look at what’s happened to humanity in the blink of an eye this year … and tell me old Franky didn’t absolutely nail it. 😦

Moving swiftly along. Michael Rivero’s quote below, once properly digested, is perhaps not only the scariest realisation a truly free thinker and free person can assimilate … but it is a PERFECT representation of where humanity is right now in this clusterfuck of a year 2020 … cravenly cowering under the endless lies and (presumed altruistic) authority of the State (and other associated structures of supposed “authority” – the WHO, the UN, the CDC, the B&M Gates Foundation, etc).

I don’t know how else to put this other than that my observations of what the majority of humanity has happily put up with since March this year … clearly show that not only do the masses not know the truth about what is happening around them … but that they do not WANT to know the truth.

Here is where we get into some tricky psychological territory known as “cognitive dissonance,” but the matter is well enough summarised in the Rivero quote above. The bottom line … is that most people will seemingly do ALMOST ANYTHING to avoid having to take onboard hard evidence … which intrinsically demolishes one or more of the foundational pillars of their preferred worldview.

In this case, it seems vast swathes of humanity would rather believe the Emperor is wearing extravagant robes crafted from exquisitely spun thread of wondrous hues … than observe out loud the simple fact of the matter … that the Emperor is actually stark fucking naked.

At least he’s being transparent about wanting to fuck the citizenry, huh?
(insert Bleak Laugh here)

And why? Because to take on the TRUTH, to truly own it … would mean those cowards would have to figure out what to do next. To dig deep within themselves, hold on to their truth, and take a moral stand against the madness of crowds. To wilfully go against their peers, their workmates, their community, their police, their government, the MSM propaganda, and ultimately, perhaps even some of their own family … in order to exercise their courage … and speak truth to corrupt tyrannical power.

Sadly, as Mr. Rivero’s depressingly brilliant quote points out, very few have the courage to make that choice. There is an old saying about liberty … “better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees.” I have a strong feeling that in 2020 (for whatever reason) this quote is pretty obviously passé. The masses have shown, and continue to show … that not only WILL THEY live on their knees, but they will worship their Masters for the privilege.

I am so fucking disgusted with humans in 2020. 🤮

So, I guess we now move into what we could call Part Two of this post, wherein I will explain a little of my thinking about what I believe is really going on. As a preface, I should add that I am far from alone in the ideas and conclusions you’ll see detailed below. Numerous other qualified people and critical thinkers who have far greater audiences than my humble blog … have reached similar conclusions … and I strongly recommend anyone reading this article (and clicking through to the abundant linked material) … go and check out their thinking, their evidence, and their overall rationale … and form your own conclusions. As per the name of my blog, this article is but a gateway drug. 😎

As ever, I am the last person to suggest anyone take me at my word. For the record however, my opinions generally, have been hard-won, through exhaustive reading and collectively thousands of hours research, often over many years (depending on the subject). To give you an idea of my personal commitment, I even curate a continually evolving page on my personal website … of people and organisations whom I believe are (for the most part) “fighting the good fight” when it comes to genuinely trying to inform … anyone who is interested to learn. I continue to collect those folks in one place, as a kind of “portal” … for others who find themselves “falling through the looking-glass” … and perhaps want to accelerate the speed of their fall. 😂

So, to be clear, my objective really, in this article, is to provide some thinking regarding the variety of themes I’ve reviewed from many different sources … and to tie these reference-points together within the overarching context of what I believe is the most useful and appropriate conceptual framework for understanding the calamity that is currently befalling humanity. That framework can be expressed in only one word. And that word is TECHNOCRACY.

So what is “technocracy?”

The mainstream definition, according to Wikipedia, goes something like this. “Technocracy is an ideological system of governance in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge.”

In practice however (as ever!) … things are a little different. Which is why the remarkable (and formidable) Patrick Wood now deservedly enters the global stage.

Before we jump into Patrick Wood and the subject of technocracy per se, let me take a moment to explain why we’re going there.

By any measure, 2020 has been an epic year of tumultuous change, fear, uncertainty, pain … and for most, a year of unprecedented (previously almost unimaginable) impositions of hardcore authoritarian control over their everyday lives.

Accordingly, what with months of riots, wildfires, a hugely polarising US election … all happening amidst the unfolding plandemic … it would be completely “normal” to feel overwhelmed by it all. To feel as if so much chaos is happening at once that it’s almost apocalyptic in its scale and intensity.

During such collective madness, it’s very easy to be caught up in the “micro-dramas” which immediately impact one’s own ground-level situation, and focus on whatever seems to be the “drivers” of those problems … without having either the time or energy to properly identify the forces which are driving the “macro-situation” globally (let alone contemplate what sort of “order” might eventuate from such unmitigated – and seemingly unconnected – chaos).

At moments like these, it becomes even more critical to sit back, take a deep breath, and elevate both your thinking, as well the altitude from which you are taking everything in. The 30,000 foot view here, together with some historical contextual clarity … is essential.

Just as some codes are indecipherable without a master-key or cipher … so it is … with what is currently happening to humanity. What looks like a disjointed and unrelated mess of unlikely events and total chaos, all happening (coincidentally enough!) at the same time … is actually nothing of the sort. On the contrary, it is a well-planned (if somewhat poorly executed – in terms of credibility) series of events … which were absolutely intended to create maximum chaos, pain, suffering and most importantly, FEAR. Countless studies over time have shown that human beings are at their most vulnerable and manipulable … when they are terrified.

However, knowledge, as they say … is power. And with such knowledge, that “fear of the unknown” begins to subside. In this case, as you will discover, that fear … should be replaced by rage.

Once one properly understands what technocracy is, and how (with exponentially accelerating technological prowess) the powers that be intend to use it to (effectively) enslave humanity FOREVER … it becomes clear why it is a useful/essential lens through which to view … the events which are currently unfolding globally.

An understanding of the history of technocracy, combined with the agendas it is implementing under the cover of all this chaos (in fact the chaos is actually a catalyst) … provides the master-key/cipher by which the game-plan being executed by these elitist psychopaths clearly emerges into plain view.

A quick but important aside here. The reason most people live in that kind of fear, and knee-jerk-reactively mock as “conspiracy-theories” the ideas I’m expressing in this article … is because the average human is more or less decent and good. Ironically enough, it is precisely this “decency” which makes it difficult (if not impossible!) for them to accept the fact that some humans are absolutely nothing like them … and are in fact “wired” so differently to them, that they view those “decent” humans as nothing more than cockroaches in the greater scheme of things … endlessly manipulable, and entirely expendable. Put simply, it is completely outside the frame of reference for average people to understand or realistically conceptualise … what it really means to be a psychopath.

Sadly, the psychopaths really DO understand the nature of human psychology, and have been using this knowledge to their advantage for a very long time indeed. This is why psychopaths rise to the top of human control pyramids, whether those pyramids are corporations, governments, or globalist organisations like the World Economic Forum or Bilderberg Group.

They have, via indoctrination systems of unparalleled sophistication, programmed the vast majority of humanity since birth to accept at face value “the way of the world” … as they present it.

Accordingly, the masses have become their “useful idiots” … and will actually fight to defend the very systems by which they have been enslaved. For them to believe anything else (as per the Michael Rivero quote earlier) … is simply too terrifying to countenance … because then they would be almost morally obliged to take actions which would undoubtedly be very difficult and/or dangerous. So, instead … they retreat into the lie, cover their eyes and ears … and lash out at those who have more courage then them. That … is the truth of our sad reality … and it is exactly that kind of drone-like “self-regulation” the controllers and manipulators rely on.

Anyway, keeping that in mind, let me be clear when I say that technocracy is our master-key … and the lens through which all this chaos and apparent madness … begins to make some sense. Let’s use the phrase “order out of chaos” as our starting point.

Now, it doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, about the Freemasons at this point. Diving down the Freemason-rabbit-hole is neither necessary, nor in the purview of this article generally. What is important however, is the very real concept, of “order out of chaos” (upon which they – and others – place considerable value). And for the record, just to be clear, the “governments” mentioned in the quote are only the puppets of the real power behind the scenes who are deliberately and calculatedly implementing all this chaos. Ergo, it is entirely possible there are thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of useful idiots within these criminal governments and organisations worldwide … who genuinely believe in what they’re doing. Such is the power of their entirely conditioned mindset, personal self-interest, and programmed worldview.

The topics I’m going to mention now are each of them in themselves … massive topics. For reasons of article length, I will only be touching on them briefly. It is therefore up to you, dear reader, to look further into all the topics and people I’ve covered in this article. I mention these topics … because they constitute the aforementioned “ominous dots” which are all being pursued as part of “The Great Reset” … and which when joined together, form the technological control-grid which is being implemented right now … to control the human species moving forward, worldwide.

If this malignant progress is allowed to continue … if people do NOT rise up against it en-masse … then we can safely say it’s “checkmate humanity.” All vestiges of the kinds of (even semi-free!) lives we may previously have led … will be gone forever. Children born into the “new normal” will never know a life any different, except in the (soon to be forgotten) stories of their grandparents. 😦

For those who want a taste of that new normal as it already exists today, one need look no further than the all seeing eye of China’s terrifying “social credit” system. But even this Orwellian horror … is small beans … compared to what’s coming with the globally homogenised technocracy the psychopathic powers that be … are bringing down on us all.

And in case anyone still thinks this global catastrophe (and its attendant “solution”) is all unfolding in any way “organically,” I dare you to watch this fifteen minute video by Harry Vox. When watching this, keep in mind the main (Rockefeller Foundation) document Harry is referring to, was written a decade ago in 2010. To my mind, it is truly stunning to see exactly what is written in that document. This interview itself … was recorded all the way back in 2014. All this information is in the public domain … it’s simply up to the individual whether they want to take it on-board. But how can you not? 🤨

Mandatory Vaccinations – we might as well start with the big one. As anyone who follows these things is aware, the powers that be seem very keen to continually pump as many vaccines into humanity (from infancy) … as they can possibly get away with. Mandatory vaccination is undoubtedly going to be one of the primary levers by which citizens’ freedoms in the inbound technocracy … are curtailed. People invariably scoff at the idea of governments forcibly injecting their citizens, but it has already happened many times throughout history, and the predictive programming for its widespread acceptance and implementation by and for the masses … is already being rolled out. The road to this goal is unlikely to be “vaccination at gunpoint” … but far more likely to be by way of making everyday life insufferable or impossible for those folks who don’t accept whatever vaccinations the technocracy decides to decree necessary. I’m sure I don’t need to further explain how a plandemic like the one we’re currently suffering though … aids this technocratic objective.

Digital/Biometric ID – This is another rapidly evolving issue which has routinely been called a “conspiracy-theory” by normies until recently. However, it has been creeping up slowly but surely on humanity, by way of electronic passports, biometric scanning at airports, voluntary “test-bed” implementation of subcutaneous RFID chips … and now we have the plan for “digitally certifying” humanity … emerging into very public view. ID2020 – Digital Identity Alliance … is every bit as awful, Orwellian, and technocratic as it sounds. Make no mistake, having a unique digital identifier for every human on planet Earth … is an absolute imperative for those dragging us into the “brave new world” of technocracy. Additionally, you can be very sure your “vaccination statuswill be an integral component of any such digital ID program. If your digital ID scans “invalid” (for whatever reason!) … your freedom of movement will be severely restricted. Depending on the seriousness of your “infraction” … you may even be arrested and imprisoned until such a time as they extract money from you, or inject you with whatever they deem necessary … such that you become a “valid human.”

Cashless Society – The Elimination of Physical Cash – This is another technocratic “control point” which has been a long time coming. It has already been implemented to some degree in one place or another, in order to gauge cultural pushback to the idea, generally speaking. Coincidentally enough, what just happened during these last months of “CoronaVirus?” That’s right, conveniently enough, cash became “dirty” … and apparently life-threatening! Some places (illegally!) even stopped accepting cash altogether. Fuck those people and those places. Never acquiesce to these kinds of freedom-destroying prohibitions. Go elsewhere, and spend your cash there. Vote with your cash. Take it wherever it will be accepted and give those people your business. Never utilise cashless environments like Amazon Go. Unfortunately, it seems very few people truly understand how heinous and tyrannical the elimination of cash will be, in terms of how it impacts basic human freedom. A friend of mine, Cole, has kindly made a very informative post on this subject (replete with an array of useful additional articles). Make no mistake … if we lose the ability to transact in cash … we lose all vestiges of privacy, autonomy, anonymity, and fundamental human freedom. Into the bargain, if the technocracy doesn’t like you for some reason, they can just “turn off your chip” and make it impossible for you to transact at all. This brings “de-personing” to a whole new level, huh? For obvious reasons, the cashless society is yet another imperative of the technocratic control-grid … for which the plandemic is acting as a serious catalyst. The cashless society must be resisted with all our power.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) – this is another huge subject, and a difficult one to dismiss in just a paragraph, primarily because there are some very valid and worthwhile aspects to the overarching philosophy of UBI, generally speaking. However, the more I have investigated the ways in which UBI would likely be implemented, the more I came to realise the degree to which it would almost certainly manifest as a very significant social control mechanism, perfectly aligned with the aforementioned aspects of technocracy. Specifically, it would almost definitely be a cashless system, and access to that cashless system would not only mean aiding and abetting the elimination of cash as noted above, but would inevitably come with other strings attached (such as vaccination status, etc). If you are interested to learn more about UBI, Jordan Peterson expounds on the subject here … and Activist Post also have some worthwhile thoughts here. In conclusion, UBI’s worth (and/or danger!) is very much predicated on whether or not its implementation was being shaped by people/systems with genuinely altruistic motives … or by people fixated on the darker aspects of the total control and subjugation of humanity. Currently, as per the below video, there is much more reason to believe the latter is the case.

Social Credit Systems – We touched on this before, by way of the above Paul Joseph Watson video on China’s increasingly invasive social-credit-system. Needless to say, social credit systems are about as Orwellian as it gets … and will seamlessly tie into whatever systems of digital ID and cashless societies end up being preferred by the technocrats. There are reasons China is currently being treated so leniently and given so much favourable press (even moreseo in light of the fact they’re apparently responsible for blighting the planet with Coronavirus!) … and those reasons have nothing to do with your well-being. They have everything to do with global technocrats looking enviously at the amount of hardcore societal control the CCP has over its citizenry. If you want to peek into your future under a global technocracy, just check out PJW’s video about the social credit system currently being implemented and ramped up in China … because a version of that, on steroids, is what’s coming.

Ubiquitous AI-driven Total Surveillance Grid – Yet another Panopticon-esque system of Big Brother control which for years was derided as a conspiracy-theory … is now yet another conspiracy-fact. As the technology evolved, advanced surveillance systems (for our safety, of course!) were automatically put in place by the State (all over the world). London, for example, comes in third on the list of “most surveilled cities in the world” with 18 of that “top 20” list being Chinese. Big Brother is definitely watching. Now these systems are being controlled by AI-run algorithms with advanced facial recognition software to boot. Fold in “track & trace” technology being loaded (sometimes mandatorily) into people’s smartphones, and layer “the internet of things” on top of that … and pretty soon not only will you not be able to go anywhere without a smartphone or RFID-chip, but your “right” to privacy will also have disappeared forever. (That’s if you even qualify as a “sufficiently valid” citizen to be permitted to travel anywhere!) The video below, once again, shows how the Covid-scam is being used as forward-cover and a catalyst … for large-scale social acceptance of this dystopian application of full-spectrum 24/7 surveillance technology.

Anyway, I want to actually finish this article sometime this year … so let’s start tying things up.

The six points I’ve covered above are by no means the extent of the kind of control the technocracy can and will bring to bear if it is allowed to metastasize to full force. There is also the blanket surveillance of all things internet and social media (which was brought to us by Snowden and Wikileaks, all sorts of censorship and limitations on being able to spread truth, by way of real information being filtered out of existence by falsely labelling it as “fake news.” There is also the “new-normal” heavy hand of the State doing things the old-fashioned way … by simply arresting and imprisoning people for exercising their “right” to free speech. The recent arrest of Dr. Heiko Schöning at Speakers’ Corner in London should indicate in no uncertain terms the powers that be are not fucking around … when it comes to people (especially experts!) who fuck with their narrative. The message is clear. Dissent WILL NOT be tolerated. 😦

That I’ve conclusively shown these six “waypoints to technocracy” are being significantly advanced by the “CoronaVirus” plandemic … should be sufficient to persuade anybody with an open mind, that things may not be quite as they seem. Given the way these dots are connecting so conveniently to facilitate a technocrat’s wet-dream … should at least provoke a reasonable person’s interest, to dig further into the possibility (probability!) that nefarious forces are indeed at work, and are at the very least … ensuring maximum technocratic advantage is gained from this plandemic.

Now this is not to say, I do not believe something has been affecting and sickening people worldwide. “False-flag” or “engineered” events do not mean that real people don’t die … it just means that psychopaths don’t care about real people dying. Quite clearly some kind of pathogen has materialised into the world (however that came about). The apparent lack of interest worldwide by “the powers that be,” in finding out just who is responsible, and how and why this virus was released into the world … has been staggering, and is of itself cause for serious concern and some hard questions.

Just as the ubiquitous and hugely damaging “war on terror” would not have been possible without “some catastrophic and catalysing event” … so too the agendas I mention herein would not be able to roll out with anything like the speed or acceptance they are … without the “catalysing event” of Covid-19 … which at its current scale and impact … is making the horror of 9/11 pale in comparison.

Never let a good crisis go to waste,” said Rahm Emanuel. And essentially, that’s the point I’m making here. That even if the plandemic is real enough to have killed a bunch of people (albeit far less than is fear-mongeringly being attributed to it) … it is by no means an organic event, and it is being exaggerated and hugely “blown up” … in order for the aforementioned set of technocratic agendas to be advanced as rapidly as possible.

As an example of the scale of bullshit being force-fed to the masses, how about this one? There is no specific test for Covid-19 … full-stop. Anyone who tells you differently will not be able to provide any proof for their position. The so-called PCR test (which is how the whole world is currently being “rapid-tested” for Covid-19 – “SARS-CoV-2”) … is a complete joke. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, himself declared it should never be used for diagnosis. Certainly it can’t be used to meaningfully diagnose for a specific strain of virus (ie. SARS-CoV-2) … from amongst the large family of coronaviruses that circulate permanently in society (of which the common flu is one – and for which most people have some detectable level of antibodies present in their system, at any given time). The fact we are still allowing extreme numbers of “false-positives” to propagandise the masses (and justify extremist fascist public policy and brutal mass-lockdowns) … is almost beyond belief.

And as if that’s not bad enough, any actual good news which contradicts the false narrative of fear-based-propaganda …. is actively suppressed.

Anyway, in light of everything I’ve brought to the table in this article, and certainly in the context of the plandemic we’re currently suffering through, the “technocratic dots” I’ve highlighted above, really join themselves.

The additional important historical context is that this plandemic was literally role-played by the elites (Event 201) only a few months before it was rolled out across the world. “In October 2019, a group of 15 business people, government officials, and health experts gathered around a table in New York to plan out the global response to a worldwide outbreak of a never-before-seen — and completely fictional — coronavirus.

Less than a year prior to that, there was a US live-exercise called Crimson Contagion … “to test the capacity of the federal government and twelve states to respond to a severe pandemic of influenza originating in China.”

And, as this excellent article by Whitney Webb clearly outlines, one cannot even have this conversation without travelling back in time to Operation Dark Winter … yet another “simulation” (in this case “bio-terrorism”) … which (again, more accurately than Nostradamus!) neatly forecast the real life “anthrax attacks” just a few months later. Even 9/11 itself was “war-gamed” prior to taking place FFS!

Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? I don’t think I really have to belabour the point of just how in your face this shit truly is. These people apparently do not give a single fuck how transparent their games are. And yet the masses continue to suck up their bullshit. What in the holy fuck is wrong with them? 🙄

Which brings us back to Patrick Wood.

For good reason, there are numerous people now talking about technocracy, and how it is currently meshing with and being catalysed by, the Covid-19 plandemic … James Corbett, Whitney Webb and Amazing Polly amongst them. But Patrick Wood has been “the technocracy guy” and has been sounding this alarm … for most of his life. It is for this reason he is my recommended first point of reference … especially for understanding the origins of technocracy and how that context plays into the existential threat technocracy currently poses to a (relatively!) free humanity.

As highlighted in a few earlier video links, sadly, my own home-country of Australia (and New Zealand to boot) … became the early adopters of the kind of full-on Orwellian fascist control it’s been necessary to cover as part of this article. Make no mistake, there is a reason that out of about 190 countries, Australia and NZ have had the hardest-core lockdowns on the face of the planet.

One would THINK the reason is a massive number of cases and imminent risk of a tsunami of mass infection spreading across the country. But that’s not the case at all. Australia (and even moreso NZ) have had a completely statistically insignificant number of deaths due to Covid-19. This is even more true when factoring in age and co-morbidities.

So what the fuck is going on over there? Why have they both turned into full-blown police-states?

Well, again, if one understands the bigger picture, the reason is simple. These two countries are advanced “Western” democracies, culturally and socially similar in most ways to other, larger Western democracies. But … importantly and crucially, they have relatively small populations. Consequently, Australia and NZ are perfect “petri-dishes” for “test-bedding” the kinds of agendas malign power might want to roll out on a larger scale … but before doing so, must first gauge likely cultural pushback in smaller, less populated, more “segmented” and controllable scenarios.

In this light, and especially in the context of extremely low numbers of Covid-19 deaths in both countries … it is no coincidence that Australia and NZ have had the hardest-core lockdowns of all countries on Earth. It is NOT about Covid-19. It is NOT about “citizen safety.” It is ALL about measuring citizen compliance, and the degree to which instructions (masks), restrictions (curfews) and all manner of authoritarian control (lockdown and travel bans) … is unresistingly sucked up by the masses. That is what is really going on in Australia and New Zealand. And they are for the most part so brainwashed there … that the vast majority would not even be able to contemplate the notion they are lab-rats for a global social control and police-state agenda.

I’ll leave you with a final thought. When one becomes aware one’s (so-called) “democracy” has been totally subverted by the kind of elitist gazillionaire technocratic evil which is the focus of this article … and when one realises there is NO way out of that subversion by conventional means (“the system cannot be fixed by the system” – Tom Morello) … what does one do? What can one do? 🤔

Well, let me close with an adapted quote from Utah Phillips (and perhaps also a plea to those who are, let’s say, suitably-minded, motivated and qualified) … “Humanity is not dying … it is being enslaved. And the people who are enslaving it have names and addresses.

Anyway, on that cheery note … I think we can wrap this article up. 😎

If the content herein resonates with you, please share the article far and wide. Let’s challenge corrupt authority, resist technocracy … and spread as much truth as we can to people everywhere. If anyone wants to know a little more about me, here is the About page. I was also recently interviewed for Tony Lloyd’s “Travel Talks” series (the focus is travel, adventure, Vilcabamba (my home), and finding your place in the world). So if you are curious, check it out.

If you have any feedback for this article, please be sure and comment, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. If you liked this article, perhaps you’ll enjoy the others I’ve written. Additionally, you can feel free to reach me via the contact page.

Thanks for your help … and all the very best of luck out there!

The Great Barrington Declaration & Petition – Please Sign & Share

P.S. … here’s a bunch of my favourite CoronaVirus memes.

And below the memes, is a bunch of additional links to worthwhile reading/viewing.

You’re welcome. 😜

P.P.S. – In no particular order, here’s a list of additional worthwhile material.

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I could keep on doing endless updates on this farce … but then this happened.



18 thoughts on “Technocracy in the Time of CoronaVirus – 2020 – A Litmus-Test for Human Stupidity. Witness the Craven Obeisance of Bootlickers for Obviously Corrupt & Malignant Authority.

  1. Just brilliant! Just fucking brilliant! Between the article, videos and memes, I was enthralled from beginning to end. Thanks for taking the time and having the balls to write this Nick! LOVED IT!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree with what you’ve written and admire it’s organisation and the collecting together of all the dots in one article. As Ombi says above, absolutely brilliant.. I’ve forwarded it to everyone I know, but as you say, most people probably won’t even read it, and if they do, for the reasons you’ve outlined, will deny it’s findings. I’ve never felt so alone and separate from people, in all my 57 years of existence.


    1. Hi Charlie … thanks for your comment, and your kind words. There’s not a lot else to say really … people either get it or they don’t. And most (for whatever reason!) just don’t. Unfortunately, that means we who do … most likely get taken down with them. Sadly, TPTB know this, know exactly the “game” they have to play to checkmate us … and they are implementing it (albeit a little clumsily for those who have eyes to see). 😦


  3. Great, well-written article. My only issue with it (and I know plenty will disagree) is that I am convinced there are redeeming multi-dimensional forces in play here that you do not appear to acknowledge or perceive. A perspective outside the purely 3D, material one is essential if one is to keep standing in the face of despair. The night is darkest before the dawn & all that. (People often think this is a copout but I would assure them it’s not, it’s a necessary step into a wider and more munificent universe. Without this higher perspective, all affirmative actions are underwritten by a sense of futility; which is the flavour I get from this otherwise excellent writing, even though I know exactly how you feel and agree with pretty much everything). There needs to be some kind of faith in transcendent love and its facility to manifest *at any scale* in order for any struggle to be worthwhile. As Alan Watts said: “The game has to be worth the candle”.

    Even for those of us who consider ourselves ‘awake’, it is (in my view) a colossal hubris to arrogate that just because we can’t *perceive* a higher order (what I’ve come to understand as ‘entelachy’) than our own senses or intellect, we should not conduct our lives with at least an honest acknowledgment that it’s there. Those of us who can’t even feel gratitude at the miracle of our existence – and be able to name or direct that gratitude at something bigger than themselves – is it any wonder that the universe/nature/god/whatever ends up forsaking them? The connection or link is just waiting to be re-established…


    1. Hi Al … firstly, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Make no mistake, I hear you! It’s just that the article is already long enough without charging off on such esoteric tangents (not to mention that that kind of thing just becomes an unnecessary distraction for those who aren’t really “there” yet)! LOL.

      I truly hope that in this spiritual war being waged right now (and it IS a spiritual war) … that light and sanity somehow triumph over the darkness and mass-mind-control. If not … humanity is in for a very grim time, moving forward. 😦

      Best wishes, and best of luck to you. 🙂


  4. Hello Nick,
    thank you for this brilliant piece. You are a Wordsmith, a modern day poet.

    I have printed this out and have already read it out loud in the presence of a friend and my partner. They are well impressed by your analysis and I have urged them to read the rest of this well thought out and systematic piece.

    I will continue to read and re-read this and carry it with me so I can casually talk about it, and ask people what they think of this or that idea. The Rivero quote will be well referred to I think, will be interesting to see people’s responses.. That you for that enlightening point, it really was consciousness changing/ raising.

    I look forward to reading your other pieces.

    Thanks for all you do and all you are,


    Alma Vita


    1. Really appreciate the awesome feedback … it makes such a difference to know folks like you are getting so much out of this piece. I totally feel like we broke off our everyday “reality” early this year, and ventured down a tangent deep into the Twilight Zone. It’s that crazy. Obviously also great to know there are still people out there with whom this material so obviously resonates. Reassuring, to say the least! Thanks again … and all the very best to you and your family.


  5. Thanks for taking the time to write and share this. The comments in the UK Daily Mail are at least heartening as the dissenting comments have by far the most upvotes. The vaccine is imminent and that is going be an interesting scenario for us.

    Good luck all 👍


    1. Hey Chris … thanks for taking the time to comment … I always read and appreciate the comments of support and understanding. As the Chinese say (appropriately enough!) … we are in for some “interesting times.” Sadly, the herd prefer to remain clueless. All the every best of luck to you too. Cheers.


  6. Hey Nick, loved your article, I agree with almost everything you said. However, I disagree on the idea that this just happened this year. This has been in the making for the last 2000 if not more. We simply feel the acceleration at which things have been changing over the last 200 years. And now over the last 30 years things have sped up to mind boggling speeds.

    I’m gonna be really general here but bare with me:
    When humanity accepted rulers, kings, queens, emperors, lords, whatever, this was the moment humanity conceded that individuals were incapable of living life together in harmony. And to protect themselves (and their property) they gave up certain rights so that someone else would do the work of protecting them from others.

    Religions and marriage was all invented to enforce this idea that we were not sovereign beings, we all belonged and were ruled by someone. Women were ruled by men (no need to go into that story), and men were ruled by their lord, king, pope, god, etc.

    Culture and language at its core is a big club of people who believe that what they do, say and live is worth protecting and maintaining as is. Stagnation is therefore prevalent because cultural boundaries become exterior things that need protecting.

    Wars, from time in memorial, brainwashed humanity into believing that protecting and advancing a group’s political views, culture, ideas, religion from and over other people is a normal part of the human experience.

    Rushing through the centuries we get to Darwinism that was ushered in to sustain, a not so new concept, that the strong had the moral right (given by nature) to rule over the weak. This gave power to a capitalist power that was growing ever stronger and needed to be supported by the people to dig its roots deep into society. I wont go into our monetary system that is based on emptiness because its a can of worms.

    Science/medicine did its part too but convincing humanity that all knowledge was to be found outside of themselves in someone smarter.
    The educational system enforced the idea that all beings come into this world void of anything of value and individuals need to be force fed propaganda in order to fit snugly into the system.

    Taxes, insurance, laws (the judicial system), medical obligations, passports, land ownership – made us all subservient to the absurdities of our everyday life.

    I’m missing out lots of stuff but as far as I’m concerned the territory had been well prepared to initiate the final blow in 2020.

    We cannot expect all of a sudden for humanity to overthrow centuries of subjugation physically and psychologically.

    I don’t have any solutions. I do know that humanity can and will continue along with their slave mentality. And it has every right to do so. However, we are at the point where individuals will state their non allegiance to the powers that be (there have been individuals like this since time in memorial) and now there are thousands if not millions of us doing so. And so the system is trying to crush this surge of individuals from contaminating others, understandably.

    Lets not judge those who choose to remain a slave. That is their choice.

    For those of us who are not in agreement let it be known by how we live each day of our lives and not by telling others how dumb they are. We need to walk the talk and be that change that we want to see in the world.

    The days for joining forces and going up against the system. In this 3D the system is all powerful. We need to find our power as individuals and when we do we will be more powerful than any matrix can ever comprehend.


    1. Hi Nik,

      Really appreciate your putting so much thought and time into this response … and I have to say I pretty much agree with it.

      Although I’m not really sure how much “choice” those who are brainwashed from birth … by the most sophisticated indoctrination programmes imaginable … can really be said to have.

      Having said that (and as noted in the Harry Vox – Rockefeller – video included in the article), these agendas have obviously been planned and in the works for a long time. Technology seems to have now reached the inflection point where TPTB believe those plans can be actioned successfully.

      It is obvious to anyone with a functional brain, who can dispassionately analyse data and join the dots … that Covid is being used as both cover and catalyst for this technocratic takeover.

      It remains to be seen what (if anything) can be done about it. Personally, as stated, I think humanity will just roll over and take it … without so much as a serious whimper. But, as we see, there are more and more dissenters … anything can happen.

      Regardless, when it comes my time to check out of this planet … I have a strong feeling that as I take my last glances around … I won’t be too sorry about leaving.


      1. I feel a bit the same way as you, but don’t you think we came here to make changes on a more subtle level? Take Christ for instance (whether he existed or not is up for debate) he went up against the system not by trying to tear it down, change it, modify it, etc but by opting out of his slave mentality, Buddha did the same (I’m sure there were many others that we didn’t get to hear about). A slave is a slave, whether the decor is a Technocracy, a plantation, a Roman Empire or a pedophile ring. We can discuss whether its better to be a slave in plantation as opposed to a pedophile ring but it is pointless. Or imagining that slavery as we have been living it for the last century is better than what we are heading for – familiarity makes slave life more acceptable.
        Changing our personal slave mentality – now that is the path rarely taken…


  7. Hi . You have lots of interesting things to go over and I will . I’ll start from the top and watch the videos on the way down this time.
    Jesus is Lord and I will not be talked out of that . The plandemic and vaccine may be a precursor to the coming mark of the beast .


  8. Hey Nicholas, Just wanted to say again that you must have a very fine mind and are gifted, to have created this page.
    Thanks mucho, Charles, (alias Uncle Wiggly)


    1. I really appreciate the feedback Charles … thank-you very much.

      As Robin Williams famously said, ” I used to think that loneliness meant ending up all alone. But that’s not it at all. Loneliness … is ending up being surrounded by people … who make you FEEL all alone.”


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