A “Terrorist” Strike on the US which will make 9-11 look like a Summer Picnic: Why a Nuclear Attack on the US Mainland is Inevitable, & probably Imminent.

Update 27th April 2017 – Today … about nine months after writing this article … this happened. When I saw the headline, the hairs on my arm stood up a little.



I wondered long and hard about how to pitch this post (actually, whether to even write it!). It’s not exactly going to make me a lot of friends. But, fortunately, I don’t give two shits about that. I’m pretty sure US citizens waking up to the likelihood of, and reasons for, this event, is just a bit more important.

An atomic bomb destroying Manhattan. Or Washington DC. Or Los Angeles. Or wherever. It only happens in the movies, right? It will make 9-11 pale into relative insignificance (except of course, for later historians, interested in the context of how the well-planned over-reaction to 9-11, almost certainly led to the nuclear attack!).

The very notion however, is horrific … and is no doubt the stuff of countless alphabet-soup agencies’ counter-terrorism planning and intelligence-gathering. The squillions of “security-agencies” set up after 9-11 absolutely eat this stuff up. They love it … because the fear they generate from such “terrorist” horror-stories means more money and power for them … to further metastasize … and further cement, like an unkillable cancer, the police-state reality the US has become in only 15 short years. Unfortunately, and as we will see, this backdrop and attitude (and the insane foreign policy it generates), leads to the event itself becoming self-fulfilling.

American citizens are of course terrified of such an attack (who wouldn’t be?). One could say (interestingly enough!) that in recent years, they have almost been “programmed” for it. Obviously, the idea that they, or their family or friends might soon be vaporised in a nuclear detonation on US soil … is going to upset a lot of people. This article … is going to upset a lot of people.

Why? Because it needs to.

Because those same people need to understand that because of US foreign policy over nearly a century (and their collectively blithe, ignorant, apathetic and weak acceptance of US global terrorism – there is no other fair descriptor for it) … that the nuclear attack/s which will soon kill tens of thousands of them … is not only highly probable, but deserved.


This is not to say the people who suffer and die from such an attack will have deserved it. The hapless victims of government action or inaction very rarely deserve the punishment they receive. “Blowback” such as this is relatively arbitrary, and the vast majority of the citizens whose ashes will suddenly be blowing in the wind … will no doubt have been blameless ordinary people, simply going about their lives the best they could.

But that’s exactly what the people of Vietnam, Chile, Nicaragua, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and countless other places over the years were also doing. They did not ask for or want US involvement in their lives. But it came anyway, of course … whether by way of murderous puppet dictators, or aerial bombardments with weaponised chemicals and other artillery, or by ground invasion, or by silent lethal killer-robots in the sky. It doesn’t matter really … the point is, they or their families and loved ones, were tortured, maimed, or killed by the USA. Their lives … in short … were terminated or ruined by the USA.

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What people need to understand, and understand well … is that the United States has become an industrial-scale killing and invasion machine, which is simply without precedent in human history. This includes, believe it or not, the Nazis, Stalin, Mao … all the “greats” actually. It is estimated by many, that just by way of the genocide on which the United States was founded … somewhere between 20 million and 100 million native “Americans” were liquidated. This was good practice, obviously, as the US has gone on since then to become unchallenged, as the most reckless, militaristic and bloodthirsty imperialist empire in human history.

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A few quick facts for context.

  1. The US was correctly described by Noam Chomsky recently, as “the Number One terrorist nation on the planet.”
  2. The US currently has actual military bases in over 70 countries around the world, and a military presence in about 150 countries. The much-demonised “evil empire” of Russia, by contrast, has only 2 bases in countries which are not in its immediate geographic region (or were not formerly part of the USSR). Those bases are in Vietnam and Syria. [Source – Wikipedia]RussiaWantsWar
  3. Quite unsurprisingly, in an enormous worldwide poll recently, the US destroyed the competition to be recognized without question by fully one-quarter of the planet as “the Number One threat to world peace.” Pakistan came in a distant second, with a mere 8%.US-ThreatWorldPeace
  4. US military spending, at about $600 billion in 2015, is more than the next 9 countries combined. And keep in mind this is only “declared” expenditure. It is well-known in military and intelligence circles that “black-ops” budgets and equipment are often sourced entirely “off the books” by way of drug-dealing or other sordid, immoral and/or illegal arrangements.

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  • The US has a massive undeclared presence in Africa, and is, for all intents and purposes, fighting multiple undeclared wars there, as recently reported by the Intercept. This graphic is from 2002 – the US has only embedded itself more firmly in Africa since then.US-Military-Africa
  • Also recently exposed in the book (and documentary film) “Dirty Wars” by Jeremy Scahill, the US is now operating a special-forces kill-squad called JSOC which roams the planet at will, doing whatever dirty work is demanded of it. This unit does not report by way of normal military channels, but instead reports more or less directly to the President or his proxies. By any measure, with very rare exceptions, it is completely unaccountable.DirtyWars
  • The US, under Obama, has developed and expanded an unprecedented global assassination program of killing by drone. Again, this secretive program can literally reach out and eliminate anyone on the planet, no matter where they may be. Those people can be celebrating a wedding in Afghanistan, or can be a 16 year old American child … or anyone in between. It doesn’t matter … if you’re on Obama’s “kill-list” you don’t get a lawyer and you don’t get due process. But you do need eyes in the top of your head.US-Drone-KillList
  • War is a Racket was published by one of the most decorated US servicemen ever, Major-General Smedley Butler. It explains frankly and fearlessly that US military power has always been used to further US commercial objectives. This is probably more true now, in an era of dwindling resources, higher population and fierce competitiveness … than it has ever been. The collateral damage reaped as a result is more US enemies, more unnecessary wars, and ample reason for many people or countries to want to do the US serious harm. Succinctly put, the US is not “winning friends and influencing people” … it is, “making enemies and killing people.”US-Smedley-Butler


So, what does all this tell us? It tells us that those in charge of the US empire believe it can literally do whatever it wants, to whomever it wants, wherever it wants, and whenever it wants. No boundaries, no impediments, no sovereignty for other nations, no congressional (let alone public!) oversight, no limits, plausible deniability if need be, and zero accountability to anyone who matters (least of all the ICC in The Hague, which the US, for obvious reasons of unparalleled international criminality, refuses to sign up for).


The US, continuing its insane “you’re either with us, or with the terrorists” attitude, made famous by one of the dumbest presidents in US history … simply marches around the world killing, bullying, torturing, maiming, and destroying anything in its path … with seeming impunity. Such is the US’s monumentally stupid (but very profitable for some), “war on terror.” As Orwell presciently pointed out, “the war is not meant to be won … it is meant to be continuous.”

“Seeming impunity.”

Only two words. But two very meaningful words. You see, actions invariably have consequences. Those consequences may not be immediately obvious. They may, in fact, build up collectively, methodically, and quietly over a period of time. The more time that goes by without an immediately discernible reaction probably only means that when it eventually comes, the blowback will be even more severe.


And this is where things get really interesting. And where the logical implications for the American people … get really very scary indeed.

Let’s take 9-11 for a moment. For the purposes of the hypothesis I’m proposing in this article, it really doesn’t matter whether you believe that attack was carried out solely by a bunch of fanatical, boxcutter-wielding, Middle-Eastern terrorists … or whether you lean towards the more reasonable theories which favour some degree (however small) of mission-critical US involvement in the event. The “official conspiracy theory” put forward by the US Government, has been relentlessly and methodically torn to shreds over the years by some very smart, qualified, and dedicated people/organisations. One of the very best of these groups is AE911, a group of around 2,500 architects and engineers who have proven, by way of the laws of civil/mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, and physics, that the official “government conspiracy theory” is complete nonsense.

Regardless, in the context of this article, the choice here is hardly inspiring!

If one opts for the former view, then it means the best and brightest and most well-resourced intelligence agencies and national-security systems on the planet … were outsmarted by a rag-tag bunch of Middle-Eastern fanatics, apparently led by a man on dialysis in a cave on the other side of the world. Awesome!

Not grim enough for you?

Then the latter alternative, if true, is much grimmer, and opens a whole new Pandora’s Box of possibilities and agendas … all of which make the previous theory (for American citizens especially) by far the more desirable to believe. This is obviously why the latter possibility is derided and discredited by the State at every opportunity, whilst the former is promoted, apparently incontestably, as “state-decreed-fact.”

With all that in mind, three things need to be stated clearly.

  1. The number of unaccounted for nuclear weapons in the world, particularly after the break-up of the USSR.
  2. The relative ease with which these weapons can be re-purposed (if even necessary) for bombing US cities.
  3. The ease with which such devices could be smuggled into the US, and thereafter detonated at will.

The matter of unaccounted for nuclear weapons is public record. As a result of the breakup of the USSR alone, there could be anywhere between 100 and 250 missing nuclear weapons.

“In September 1997, the former secretary of the Russian Security Council Alexander Lebed claimed 100 “suitcase sized” nuclear weapons were unaccounted for. He said he was attempting to inventory the weapons when he was fired by President Boris Yeltsin in October 1996.[13] In 2005, Sergey Sinchenko, a legislator from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, said 250 nuclear weapons were unaccounted for. When comparing documents of nuclear weapons transferred from Ukraine to weapons received by Russia, there was a 250-weapon discrepancy.[14 [Source – Wikipedia]

Now, I don’t know about you, but compared to the logistics of commandeering by force, four giant passenger aircraft simultaneously, for a concerted and synchronized attack on various US targets … one can only imagine that the task of getting hold of some of these nukes, and then getting them through the US’s porous borders (whether by land or sea) … would not really be too challenging for a motivated and well-resourced (I’m looking at you, Saudi Arabia) bunch of plotters.

If you are feeling a little depressed by that, please keep in mind that scenario is a distinctly better one, than the idea that various elements (rogue or otherwise) within the Deep-State of US government might one day decide that yet another false-flag event is necessary, to further whatever batshit-crazy “agenda of the day” they may be pursuing. If that were the case, then (much like the probable planting of nano-thermite charges throughout the WTC buildings), the operation would not be difficult in any way, as it would all be carried out under the authority and the auspices of existing State power. (Although they’d probably still use the missing Russian nukes … for “forensic” propaganda purposes after the event/s.) Who knows? Some of those missing nukes may already be “on ice” in shadowy US hands. I mean, if “Yuri Orlov” (based on Victor Bout) an opportunistic little US-based Russian grifter became “Lord of War” by exploiting the breakdown of the USSR for weapons, I’m guessing others higher up the food-chain probably secured more than just a few of the nukes!

For anyone who still isn’t really up to speed on the whole “false-flag” thing, I am not going to belabour the point here. Do your own research, and you will find the false-flag attack has a long and storied history, and has been used with varying degrees of success by many different countries and empires over time. Click here and here for good summaries. Needless to say, the US is highly proficient in false-flag attacks, and has often, over the years, planned and/or executed false-flag attacks at the highest levels of government. Possibly one of the most infamous examples is the planning which went on for Operation Northwoods. Regardless, in my opinion, anyone who does not believe the State will commit crimes against its own population in order to further its preferred political agenda, is not only a poor student of history, but naïve in the extreme.

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Moving on.

So, to summarise thus far, it seems pretty clear the US has, a) no shortage of well-resourced enemies, and, b) that executing a plan to bomb one or more US targets with nuclear weapons would almost certainly be much easier than pulling off something like 9-11.

Means, motive, and opportunity.

These are the three items any crime investigator (or counter-terrorism expert) worth their salt evaluates, in the course of their daily grind … the former to help determine the guilty party after the fact, and the latter by way of brainstorming before the fact, in order to hopefully prevent the attack in the first place.

Anyone looking at the gigantic mess the world is in today, and the very large part the US has played and continues to play in that mess, by way of its awful and illegal foreign policy blunders throughout the Middle-East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, etc) … probably feels in their bones, that the next huge “terrorist” event for the US, is not far away. 15 years has passed since 9-11, and the US has done a monstrous amount of damage to literally millions of people during that time. The clock for retribution is ticking, and it’s really only a matter of time before US citizens reap the karmic whirlwind their government’s criminal foreign policy is responsible for.


Everything, it seems, is escalating. Wherever one looks in the world, crazy things are happening (well, crazier than usual!). Have you ever wondered how crazy it could get? Speaking of “crazy,” the gentleman creating the movie below apparently decided to suddenly kill his wife, his young daughter and himself in a double-murder suicide. Does that sound very likely to you? Really? It sounds very much to me like the powers that be, simply did not want this film getting out. Check it out … make your own assessment.

Witness the complete madness of a Presidential political contest between the rabid neo-liberal war-hawk and career-criminal Hillary Clinton … and the anti-political maverick buffoon of Donald Trump. Democracy is now visibly broken … the very systems are corrupt … and the people are waking up. Serious social unrest is a real probability. Martial law might be desired by TPTB at some point. What kind of catalysing event would provide an excellent and suitably terrifying reason for the implementation of nationwide martial law? I wonder!


The US has a $20 Trillion national debt, which is unpayable (both mathematically, and politically). As per Forbes, it also has at least $127 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. It has an irretrievably decimated middle-class, and 50 million citizens on food-stamps. The Petrodollar is dying, US banking primacy is being challenged, and Wall Street is careening towards unparalleled disaster. The writing is on the wall in a lot of ways for the US … a serious distraction and a precursor for very disturbing action might just be needed at some stage by those “in charge.”


Further to the above, a race-war is simmering in the US, social order is breaking down repeatedly, and police are now being executed in retaliation by persecuted members of the public. Expect to see more of this … and sparks like this can catch fire very quickly, and unpredictably. Again, what better way to distract and rally the country around a perceived external enemy, than by “suffering” a nuclear attack?


Serious, and repeated terrorist attacks, purportedly by Islamic extremists, in France, Germany, and Turkey. Whether some of these are false-flags or not is almost immaterial now. The events have been “sold” to the public with the State’s preferred narrative, and the responses are nothing if not predictable. Those responses of course, will only create ever more enemies for the US to deal with moving forward.



An attempted “coup” of some sort in Turkey, whether real, or yet another false-flag effort aimed at rounding up “dissidents” and consolidating Erdogan’s power. US relations with an increasingly Islamist Turkey are now fraying, as they grow increasingly testy about Erdogan’s almost incomprehensibly brutal and widespread crackdown across the country.


Ongoing crises in the Middle-East, particularly in Syria, where Russia and the US are essentially fighting a proxy-war for each other’s interests, at the expense of a civilian population. The US is hardly flavor of the month here.


US-backed Israel, continuing to slaughter innocent Palestinians by the thousands, to further cement its apartheid police-state. More than just a few lifelong enemies of the US being made here.


One of the most repressive, brutal, and authoritarian regimes in the world, US-backed Saudi Arabia (plenty of enemies!), now inexplicably heads the UN’s committee on human rights. Needless to say, this is not exactly popular, and the US is the only reason they’re there. The US … winning friends and influencing people again!


Many developed Western countries (and many others) are technically insolvent (debt close to or greater than 100% of GDP), and on the brink of defaulting on these debt-loads. In addition to this, many banks worldwide are also insolvent. The worldwide instability a domino collapse like this might cause, and the kind of reactions such a crisis might precipitate, are completely unpredictable.


Further to the previous point, the world is almost certainly on the brink of another derivatives financial collapse which (as explained previously) is only one of a variety of triggers for a total global financial collapse which will make 2008’s GFC look like a Sunday-school-picnic (certainly reason enough for certain interested parties to detonate nuclear weapons on US soil).


Furthermore, post-Brexit, Europe itself (and its grand and now entirely corrupted project, the EC), stands on the brink of implosion. This implosion might come by way of cultural differences and/or terrorist attacks … but is really more likely to come by way of cascading banking failures in a variety of bankrupt countries. And no, not from just the countries you’ve heard are having problems (Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.). The big kahuna is situated right in the heart of the heart of the EC. That’s right, Germany’s DeutscheBank. Check that link, and tremble at whatever awfulness must be going on behind the scenes at the moment.


Truth which can and will swing elections, is being uncovered by hackers and whistleblowers (the new heroes of the information age). Wikileaks and many others have changed the face of the world, by holding the powerful and corrupt accountable, and having them live in fear of being exposed (for a change!). Reactions by TPTB, to these unexpected changes and ongoing pivotal shifts in the “business as usual” programs of the elites and their proxies in government, are unknowable and unpredictable.

The bottom line here is that, since 9-11, escalation in all things has been the order of the day.

So, whether by way of a “genuine” terror attack by one of the US’s uncountable enemies, or by some flavour of false-flag event (whether part of the establishment or otherwise), the next attack on US soil needs to grab global attention by literally being “earth-shattering.” The aforementioned pattern of escalation (not to mention the karmic seriousness of the US’s many horrific terrorist crimes around the world), very much demands it.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that about the only thing which could “surpass” 9-11 in terms of sheer “shock and awe” value … is a nuclear attack on US soil. It is also clear that there are many many enemies of the US who would move heaven and earth to make such a thing happen. It is additionally clear, that under certain circumstances, the government of the US (or powerful interests connected to the Deep-State) might one day soon decide the “pros” of staging this kind of false-flag attack significantly outweigh the “cons” (from their psychopathic perspective, of course!).


The Hegelian Dialectic of Problem/Reaction/Solution usually dictates the pattern for these kinds of scenarios. So it would very much depend on what sort of outcome was desired in terms of the action the false-flaggers wanted to take … as to how they would implement the false-flag event, and upon whom they would decide to pin the blame. Perhaps China, because the US doesn’t want to pay what it owes, and needs a pretext to further ramp up its dangerous military activities in the Pacific? Or perhaps Russia, whose territory the US (via NATO) has been encircling and encroaching on for decades now?

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Or … and this is a very serious and real possibility … perhaps such an action might be taken solely to provide “cover” just before or during the next massive financial collapse … to ameliorate, redirect and control the immediate fallout from a crisis of such severity … that the US would not be able to escape those consequences any other way? Who knows?

For the purposes of this article, it doesn’t really matter … such speculations fall outside our remit here.

What does matter, is that I think I have painted a fairly persuasive picture, that a nuclear attack on the US is extremely likely … and that for reasons of anti-US geopolitics generally, the “escalation principle” touched on earlier, international US war (and other) crimes over the last 15 years, together with the relatively “incident-free” time which has passed since the 9-11 event … such a nuclear attack on US soil will probably happen sooner rather than later.TickTock

Furthermore, I think we are long past the point where anything can stop such an event. This karmic whirlwind has been building a long time now, and to my way of thinking … the only logical outcome of the US’s post 9-11 actions (which, incidentally, seem to be continuing unabated, despite their proven idiocy, inhumanity, and illegality) … is a massive nuclear strike on US soil which will eclipse 9-11 itself, as a new iconic event.

I hope I am wrong, but the evidence doesn’t make it seem likely. I’d like to think the US could (and would) change its ways soon enough to avert this kind of punishment being suffered by its citizens … but that doesn’t seem likely either (even less likely should the warmonger Hillary Clinton take power).


Ahhhh, humanity! We’re a clever species alright, but we’re very far from being a wise one. Historically, even if all the warning signs are there, we generally never change anything until we are forced to … until the damage is so great, that we literally must change.

I fear this is the case with the US … and this is one lesson (yet again), which will be paid for with the blood of innocent civilians.

Sadly, for whatever reason, it seems these lessons must still be learned the hard way, and that things are going to get a hell of a lot worse, before (and if) they ever get any better.

Such is life (and death) in this crazy world we live in. 😦


9 thoughts on “A “Terrorist” Strike on the US which will make 9-11 look like a Summer Picnic: Why a Nuclear Attack on the US Mainland is Inevitable, & probably Imminent.

  1. Mmm lets just hope for the intervention of aliens. If it gets that bad. I do however have faith in humanity. It’s the psychopaths at the top which need to be removed.


    1. Yes, the bulk of humanity are fine … we just have this problem called “government.” Its denizens are either corrupted by those systems (or were already corrupt to begin with – and therefore attracted to them). Statism is a cult … and a very dangerous one. It attracts and breeds the worst kind of psychopaths, as you say. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”
      Denis Diderot


  2. Ironic that the same day you post this, the Daily Sun headlines a story that intelligence agencies are wary of a Nuclear attack . . . . in Brazil. See https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1529920/un-atomic-agency-helping-guard-rio-olympics-from-isis-terror-attack/

    I take a longer historical view: Islam was spread along the lucrative spice routes. Mohammed marrying a daughter of a spice trader. Europe without the climate to grow pepper and spices. From 800 – 1400 AD, the Muslim world did well economically, with advances in mathematics, navigation, architecture and sciences that dwarfed countries in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

    The turning point for the Muslim world, where it stagnated, was when the Portuguese first sailed around Africa and the spice trade transitioned from a land-based market dominated by Muslims, to a sea-based trade dominated by Western European countries. Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, England, France, Italy – great fortunes were made enabling the development of governmental bureaucracies, large armies and navies. The arts and sciences flourished, presaging the Industrial Revolution which raced along naval trading routes. For a time, the Moors maintained real holdings in southern Europe. 1492 was pivotal for being the year that Western Europe pushed their trade routes to America and Asia. It is also the year the Spain expelled the Moors from Spain.

    Where there are trade routes, there must be a policeman. From the 1600s through the 1800s, the British held that position, enforcing the notions of private property and the rule of law. In the 1900s, the two World Wars elevated the USA into that position. More: the US assumed the role of defense of countries prohibited from re-arming themselves, specifically Japan and Germany. The military bases that Nick refers to are indeed globally located. But more on that in a minute.

    In the Middle East, nothing happened economically from the 1400s until the modern world developed the internal combustion engine, which created the global market for oil. As it turned out, the largest reservoirs of oil closest to the surface were in the impoverished and medieval Middle East. Wealth did arise in the Middle East, but it followed in the Muslim tradition of small numbers of elite tribes and families hoarding the wealth. Vast fortunes were used for vast personal spending. Whereas fortunes in Western Europe were re-einvested in new technologies (from railroads, manufacturing, communications, aeronautics) that created new fortunes, great wealth in the Middle East tended to be built on lavish personal spending by the elites on themselves.

    There is an intense envy and hatred of the modern world among the fundamental Muslim world, passed by over 700 years ago by a modern world where Christians and Jews and atheists have enjoyed stupendous improvements in quality of life – from education, food and shelter, to medical care and infrastructure. The failure of the Muslim world in the Middle East also illuminates the vast cultural difference between the modern world and the pre-medieval ideals of a Muslim world. Sharia law prescribes that gays and lesbians are to be killed out of compassion, Infidels are to be subjugated or killed, women are to be subservient, denied basic human rights that are now commonly accepted and embraced by the modern world. Jihad also has a powerful force multiplier – dying as a martyr is heroic and guarantees a Jihadist a privileged position in the afterworld.

    Which brings us to the reality that the US maintains military and intelligence operations around the world. To point to these locations as a justifiable cause for Islamic terrorists using WMDs – or in the case of this post – a nuclear weapon against America, ignores this broader history and fails to answer the obvious contradiction in that argument. Using that same logic, Japan, Germany and most of Western Europe would be more justified than Muslim countries to strike back against the military “occupations” by America on their soil, and would long ago have attacked the United States. But we all know that isn’t even a remote possibility.

    The Middle East has two major challenges which it seems incapable of handling: how does it have a more broad-based economic development that brings the advantages of the modern world (higher education, esp. science, math, engineering, health care, communications) and how does it do that while stamping out the pre-medieval brutality of fundamental Islam. Modern, non-fundamental Muslims are themselves under attack by Jihadists. The modern world is transitioning away from fossil fuels, which are the only source of capital in most of the Middle East.

    Finally, the technology of WMDs and global communications enable a small number of people with a small number of powerful weapons to radically alter a world of 7 billion people. The fact that Jihadists view the end of the world as a good thing, as it will usher in the Big Meeting with Allah who will mete out eternal justice on the non-believers, should scare anyone with an intact survival system. My own belief is that the Modern World experienced the horrors of world wars and is disposed to think of any talk of extermination of a fatalistic political and religious belief as itself dangerous.

    So I arrive at almost the same place as Nick does. We will likely see a global environmental catastrophe triggered by some small groups use of WMDs within our lifetime.

    I hold no optimism that the modern world will solve the security issue that modern Jihadists propose, and yes the modern world will engage in over-militarization in halting but failing steps to solve the security issue. The Middle East lacks the human talent and leadership to develop a non-petroleum/natural gas based broad economic development phase. Moderate Muslims lack the ability to reach into the most dangerous parts of the world and kill off and re-educate areas under control by modern Jihadists.

    So what do I/we do? I’m reminded of the three times I “knew” I was dying. In two high-speed automobile accidents and on a small plane that flipped over during a powerful thunderstorm, I knew my life was over. Yes, my life flashed through my mind in just a few seconds. I remembered my greatest loves, my family, and letting go of the weight of things I had wanted to do but didn’t for any number of reasons. Turns out I lived each time. I decided to spend less time on unimportant things and people. To try to be honest about everything, regardless of what anyone else thought. To find small ways to be kind. And to not be afraid of death. It will happen when it happens.


    1. Wow Michael … thanks for the great insights. 🙂
      Yes, it’s a hard balancing act to maintain … between being ‘apathetic’ about things by focusing exclusively on one’s own (and others’) happiness … and spending too much time on relatively ‘external’ matters that one is unlikely to see much change in during one’s lifetime.
      We live in very interesting times though, and sometimes it’s just impossible not to dive in!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post … thanks very much for commenting so comprehensively. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting. It is certainly always frustrating when one feels disempowered. But it isn’t necessary to feel that way … especially now! Fortunately, I believe we (humanity) are going through a time of massive transformation. In consciousness generally, and in many other things. Lies cannot be hidden the way they once could be. And generally, there is an increasing sense within many, that humanity is very lost on its current self-destructive path. People who remain hypnotised by the illusions … by the false two-party political dichotomy (in the US and elsewhere) will continue to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution (until cirumstances force it on them). We can shift our perspective to what is coming, and embrace it … or we can cling desperately to the old until it completely falls. But basically, until these utterly corrupted political and economic systems come crashing down (one way or another), humanity will not necessarily even understand WHY it has to change so much. Historically, our systems must completely fail, before people begrudgingly ACCEPT they HAVE failed. Meanwhile, just do what makes YOU happy. Focus on the little things which bring you joy. Disengage from the systems you recognise as corrupt. Eat healthy food. Exercise. Find groups (whether online or otherwise) who share your views on change and consciousness evolution … there are HEAPS of us! If ever there was a time to start hammering for change and opening people’s eyes to what is possible … that time is now. Check this article for great info. Good luck. 🙂


  3. Israel is a 5 percent threat to the world? Are you kidding me? Who in the hell do you think controls MOST of the western world? What a crock!


    1. I’m not really sure if you are trolling, or have simply failed to understand what an international POLL actually is.

      If it’s the former, you’ll get short shrift here … if it’s the latter, then consider this response your education. 🙂


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