Post-Election Madness – Down through the Looking-Glass We Tumble – Into the most Dangerous and Kafka-esque Twilight Zone Imaginable.

I have been writing for years now, that I believe some form of catastrophic collapse is coming for the US (and probably, by extension, for the planet).

It has of course been difficult to pinpoint which of the many cracks in US primacy would be the first one to split wide enough open to set off the “collapse dominoes” on their grim journey.

Would it be the (increasingly inevitable) collapse of the US dollar?
Would it be spiralling hyper-inflation due to the ongoing demise of the petro-dollar and endless money-printing by the Fed?
Would it be the ongoing destruction of the middle-class, with nearly 50 million people on food-stamps, and worsening unemployment?
Would it be another stock-market crash, this time “unmanageable”?
Would it be explosive civil unrest resulting from an ever-simmering race-war?
Would it be the US defaulting in one way or another on its (unpayable) debt obligations?
Would it be another “terrorist-incident” the likes of which I wrote about in my previous post?

The list of fault-lines running through the US is many and varied … and trying to predict which one will ultimately cause a Fukushima-sized earthquake to rock their world … is no small challenge. That such a seismic event is coming however, is something I remain certain of.

I humorously speculated months before the election (screenshot below) that some kind of black-swan event might occur, and that indeed, the election of Trump might itself be the very black-swan event which will somehow ultimately trigger wholesale chaos and calamity for the US.


The more I scan, collate, and process the extraordinary events which are transpiring since the Wicked Witch of the East was soundly and spectacularly defeated … the more I am coming to see this as a real probability, a real trigger for the Elites to throw their toys completely out of the pram (stroller, for US readers!) … thereby deliberately initiating large-scale problems and societal breakdowns (which they can, of course, then blame on Trump). In the very entertaining video below, Lionel Lebron has a field day imagining the reaction of Hillarybots to a Trump victory. Despite this prescience, I don’t think even he could have foreseen the mind-boggling levels of cognitive dissonance and all-round madness that we are now seeing from the so-called Left!

The Fed’s indication that it is going to start making a series of interest-rate-raises in 2017 (when this happened only once during Obama’s entire presidency!) … is just one of a few hints we are seeing, that this really is going to be a war, and that (as Hillary is fond of saying) “all measures” are on the table. The gloves, it seems, are very much off. 😦

And of course, it goes without saying that none of this nonsense actually has anything to do with the “reality” of Trump. The guy hasn’t even been inaugurated and put his hands on the wheel, so to speak, as yet!

It has far more to do with their “idea” of Trump, the way they chose to demonise him via MSM, and, frankly, their wounded egos after having him wipe the floor with them so comprehensively (and for them, unexpectedly!).


The sheer arrogance of the average Liberal-Elite worldview, being so utterly certain that they, and they alone hold the moral high ground in respect of their preferred worldview, is what blinded them to even the possibility they might be beaten (let alone by someone like Trump!). Take a moment to think about that. They did not even think it was going to be close! That peculiarly unhinged and almost messianic belief in their own rightness (despite a resounding election result to the contrary) is what continues to blind them to the reasons for the reality which has “befallen them,” and will continue to befall them.

As stated above, the MSM was completely complicit, in trying to shape public opinion in order to manufacture their preferred outcome (which was to install an obvious war-criminal and warmonger into the White House). The lesson here is to clearly understand two things … both what their desired outcome was … as well as the extent of propaganda and lying they will go to to achieve that outcome. If people still do not understand after this election … the degree to which they are deliberately lied to by their preferred MSM, then I really don’t know what else to say … their critical-thinking facilities have clearly long since stopped functioning. Either that, or they are completely paralysed by overwhelming cognitive dissonance.


Accordingly, it is this completely unhinged reaction to Trump since his victory … from the so-called Left, their complicit presstitute media, and the outgoing administration … which is aiding and abetting a completely fake narrative (the Russians!!) … an entirely evidence-free narrative now being eagerly swallowed by butthurt Liberals, desperate to blame anyone but themselves and the overwhelming corruption and bad choices of their DNC … for the (most deserved!) defeat of the sacred-cow Hillary, their anointed prom-queen. Glenn Greenwald breaks down the obvious, below.

“Let me be clear,” Obama is fond of saying. So let’s be clear! There is no evidence whatsoever that Russia was involved in any way with the leaked emails which Wikileaks published. And in a break from their traditional silence regarding sources (while weathering a veritable barrage of US disinformation), Julian Assange actually felt compelled in this instance  to confirm it was not Russia who provided the leaked data (listen to this fascinating phone interview with Hannity – 15/12/2016).

To be even more specific, it is very likely much of the leaked data was not even obtained by hacking. It may well have simply been passed to Wikileaks via a DNC insider (perhaps by Seth Rich, who was then mysteriously murdered – shall we add one more to the Clinton body-count?). The Podesta emails however, may well have been hacked as a result of him losing his phone. (See P.S. update at conclusion of article.)

Make no mistake … what we are seeing right now in terms of manufactured propaganda being packaged and sold as fact … is extraordinary, and pretty much unprecedented (at this level) in the modern era. There have of course always been “information-wars” raging, fought by means of disinformation and propaganda, but the levels to which it is rising now (and the transparent desperation of the Establishment Elites) is nothing short of breathtaking. The sheer brazenness of these propaganda releases means they are also very easy to detect. Accordingly, it should be more obvious than ever, that anyone who relies on the MSM for news … is simply a fool. Some very good articles I have read recently on these matters can be viewed here, and here. And the below video by James Corbett, of the Corbett Report … is just outstanding.


The fact that Obama is currently engaged in “sabre-rattling” with Russia on the basis of these falsehoods, should greatly concern any thinking person. Fortunately for the world, he will soon be gone. I am not sure there has ever been a more brazenly hypocritical failure as President of the US. Obama is perhaps the greatest con (and con-artist) ever perpetrated on the American public. This young lass sums it up as entertainingly and compellingly as anyone. Hope and change, anyone? LOL.

Moving on. Since Trump’s victory, we have witnessed an unprecedented mainstream backlash against so-called “Fake News” when it is abundantly clear to anyone with even a room-temperature IQ that the MSM is the one responsible for producing not only fake news, but blatant propaganda glorifying Hillary, and demonising Trump. They did this consistently and relentlessly, for months in the run-up to the election … and it STILL wasn’t enough to prevent her obliteration!

The irony herein is really something … an increasingly irrelevant MSM, dying on the vine, trying desperately to cling to power by labelling any news which runs counter to its own preferred narrative … as fake. It would actually be funny if it weren’t so serious, and if there weren’t so much at stake. I very much look forward to the day these MSM propaganda outlets are completely dead … with any luck, that day is not far away. 🙂

Who, exactly, is disseminating “Fake News?”

In fact, the MSM overplayed their hand SO much, and SO obviously, that it backfired on them. And how! Quite impressively, the American people saw through the illusion, and simply said, “No … we will not inaugurate your hand-picked, war-mongering, lying, corrupt Wall-St-whore, Clinton. We will go, instead, into the unknown.” Good for them.

During these last months, I have often been branded a Trump fanboy. I’ll take this chance to point out this is far from the case. Many people, seeing I was so vociferously anti-Clinton, simply assumed via their lazy binary thinking, that I therefore must be “for” Trump. The best way I can put things, is when you have a system which is so fucked-up that it produces these two candidates to choose from for POTUS, then pretty obviously it is possible to hate both of them.


In my case I just viewed Hillary as the more demonstrably evil and undesirable of the two. Bottom line? In an ideal world I wouldn’t want to cast a vote for either, but if someone put a gun to my head and made me choose, then Hillary wouldn’t get my vote, that’s for sure. I dare anyone to watch the Corbett video below, and not feel relieved that this monster will not be at the helm of the US.

That Trump was elected, despite the best efforts of ALL the establishment, almost ALL the MSM, and almost EVERY global celebrity … is nothing short of miraculous … and it shows categorically and unambiguously, what a terrible candidate Hillary was, and what a huge mistake the DNC made by selecting her over Bernie (who, for the record, I think would have beaten Trump). But, back to Hillary. Someone polished, practiced, and urbane like her, armed with a silver-tongued-teleprompter, really should have wiped the floor with a newbie like Trump. But she didn’t. She got deservedly destroyed.

And, as with the Brexit vote, this was the moment the Elites knew they were in real trouble. Their old games, their old tricks were not working anymore. The MSM-programming had failed, spectacularly. The “peasants” had not voted as their “masters” had instructed! It was now time to find out why … and start getting some CONTROL back!

In fact, anyone still viewing this election result through the bullshit two-dimensional prism of the traditionalist (and fake) two-party political duopoly of Republicans versus Democrats, really is missing the point. This (most welcome!) shift is much bigger than that, and the only way one gets to appreciate and understand the flowering of this beautiful new “forest” is by elevating oneself above the “trees” of the nasty thicket which is “divide and conquer politics as usual” … and looking down instead, on a fast-mutating forest which is now divided between people who are still believing old fake narratives told to them by professional liars within corrupted and vested MSM … and those who are waking up, better-informed, and not going back (ever) to the sleep-state they previously inhabited. A critical mass of “awakeness” has finally been reached, and there will be no going back. Yay! 🙂


And make no mistake, this is far and away from just being a US thing. The world is changing. Human consciousness is evolving, and you better believe the Elites know it, and understand what it means. Joe Public has put them on notice, and in no uncertain terms. In combination with Brexit, the election of Trump this year is a seminal moment. More big changes (and surprises!) are coming, and accordingly, we will see a harder and more militant edge in respect of how the global Elites can (and will) now deal with the “malcontent masses,” not just in the US, but in the West generally, moving forward.


It is the first time in US history since the advent of MSM, that the population has not “done what it was told” when the full weight of all arms of state and media power was brought to bear on them. How the powers that be (TPTB) will react to that in the months and years to come is anyone’s guess … but we do have some idea. Frank Zappa’s prescient observation below, is probably getting ever nearer. 😦


Since the election, what we have seen transpire has been as predictable as it is terrifying.

We have TPTB now going after so-called “Fake News.” Many of these “fake news” outlets, incidentally, were the only ones to call the election result accurately. So … if those news outlets were correct, and the MSM were so uniformly wrong in all their propagandist “predictions” of a Hillary landslide, then who do you think deserves the moniker of “Fake News?” Hmmm … tough one! LOL.


Unsurprisingly, Facebook has now stated it will be “implementing measures” to filter out so-called “fake news” … thereby restricting news they don’t want you to see, from your news-feeds. You can be pretty sure the other “walled-gardens” such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram will be following suit. The government is also swinging into action by essentially legitimising a “propaganda factory.” Really, you can’t make this shit up. But it is really happening.

Do you want to know what is really scary? Something MSM have been very quiet about? You now have no way of knowing whether anything you watch or hear on the internet or on a screen is “real.” Anything which can be digitised (images, audio and yes VIDEO!) can be manipulated. Who knows how long this kind of video manipulation has been going on, how much “fake stuff” is out there, and how long it’s been out there. Watch this, and let the possibilities and ramifications of deception of this type, on this scale, truly sink in. 😦

We also have TPTB creating and blaming fake “enemies” (the Russians did it!). But these days, they are not even bothering to fabricate evidence to support their lost cause (as they did with WMDs in Iraq, Libya, and countless other imperialist crimes). No. Now, apparently, it’s supposed to be good enough for them to just shout it at us every day. This “blame the Russians” propaganda is as ludicrous as it is transparently false.

Many prestigious journalists with great integrity have written articles denouncing this US propaganda, and as previously noted, under this level of intensity of “disinformation duress,” even Julian Assange decided to break his usual silence re Wikileaks’ sources, and specifically confirmed that Russia was not the source of the DNC leaks. Click here for Caitlin Johnstone’s great “compendium” regarding the lack of a single solitary scrap of hard evidence for the bullshit Russiagate narrative.

Creating foreign enemies and blaming these “boogey-men” for domestic ills (such that certain “reactive” measures can be taken – as per the Hegelian Dialectic), is a tactic as old as humanity itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately for the MSM and the Obama administration, they cannot provide a shred of evidence to support their case. This hasn’t seemed to bother them, apparently because they know they can blanket their semi-brain-dead population (and cognitively dissonant butthurt Hillarybots) in a barrage of MSM headlines screaming “THE RUSSIANS DID IT.” When actually, they should just be looking in the mirror for all the answers they need.



Appropriately enough, it was the Nazi, Goebbels, who once pointed out to his boss, that if you make the lie big, and repeat it often enough and loudly enough, people will eventually believe it. Sadly, it was true then, but in the internet age, we can only hope this is no longer the case. 🙂


But nevertheless, that is what we are seeing. This is, needless to say, desperately sad. It really is sad and dispiriting to see the world’s only superpower engaging in this kind of (unproven and inflammatory) accusatory rhetoric (rather than focusing the blame where it belongs – on themselves). It is even sadder that many of the brainwashed masses actually believe these lies (either because they don’t know any better, or in the case of cognitively dissonant Hillarybots, because it suits their preferred worldview).

What has been wholly remarkable, are the things one doesn’t see debated on MSM. Where is all the commentary and debate about why there is apparently an investigation into the source of the leaks … but no investigation into the unparalleled criminality and corruption the leaks actually revealed? Why aren’t obvious criminals like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazile already on trial and going to jail for having been caught red-handed trying to subvert the US democratic process?

Even more interestingly, why was Bernie Sanders so meek and voiceless when faced with the evidence and scale of the coup carried out against him by his own party machine? Could it be (as correctly predicted by Chris Hedges all the way back in March) … that he was “in the bag” for Hillary from the outset? Could it really all have been one giant con the Democrats tried to play on their supporters? Well, I guess we saw how that went for them. Better for them to get on with the required introspection I would have thought … than to have a full-blown temper-tantrum whilst spitting out ludicrous fake narratives blaming the Russians.

The Left are in a world of pain at the moment. But there they are, stewing in their juices. Why? Because for the most part, they currently inhabit a world built on denial. Denial of the validity of other viewpoints. Denial of self-knowledge. Denial that  they committed electoral crimes. Denial that their party machine is corrupt. Denial that by selecting Hillary instead of Bernie … they sealed their own fate. They seem to be incapable of taking responsibility for their own failings. Accordingly, they lash out and want to blame anyone but themselves for their pain. This is sad. It is also dangerous.

It is not just dangerous for the US … it is dangerous for the world. Why? Because these deliberate deceptions being professionally peddled by the Left and their complicit MSM get built into people’s worldviews moving forward, forever distorting reality. This makes it more likely the manipulators behind these fake narratives will be able to get away with whatever agenda they want to reactively implement … inevitably leading the US ever closer to WAR. Which, based on Hillary’s sabre-rattling towards Russia, was perhaps very much a part of the Elite’s agenda all along?

The truth however, is that there is ZERO evidence. The fact is that the CIA and these other alphabet soup agencies are PROFESSIONAL liars. The fact the heads of these agencies lie whenever it suits them to, even under oath to Congress … seems not to matter to lawmakers or those oh so diligent presstitutes of the MSM … or to those entirely hypocritical butthurt Hillarybots … who are now so eager to find other “demons” to blame, instead of locating and exorcising their own … that they now gratefully inhale this most vile war-mongering propaganda … and treat it as “the gospel-truth.” Those who are at the trough, unquestioningly slurping up this anti-Russian propaganda, truly disgust me. 😦

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As stated previously, TPTB have now turned their fascist attentions towards the independent digital media, whom they blame for the “peasants’ revolt.” This is beyond Orwellian. We are now entering an era in which apparently the only “permissible” opinions, will be those sanctioned by the State and its approved propagandists, the MSM. All other “dissenting” media will be persecuted, hounded, blacklisted, sued, or otherwise filtered out of existence. This is not hyperbole … this is really underway, right now.

Obviously, these forces and measures of control and censorship must be fiercely fought, and beaten back at every opportunity. It is now more obvious than ever, that TPTB are enemies of truth, and therefore enemies of the people. Those folks who are awake and aware (and there are MANY of us – our numbers are growing exponentially all the time!), must do all we can to ensure our voices are heard and that truth is able to be easily located and shared.

I have great confidence in the denizens of the internet to defeat the best efforts of an increasingly corporate-fascist State. It is a battle we cannot afford to lose … should we fail, our future will be, as Orwell predicted, very grim indeed.


Articles like this one and this one however, give me great hope, and it is with these, and on a note of uplift and inspiration, that I leave you for now. Please make your choices and actions count … if we are to leave a better world for our children, there is a big fight ahead of us all.

If you have enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it far and wide. I very much look forward to hearing your views. 🙂

P.S. – 17th Feb 2018 – More than a year after having written this article, it’s nice to see the themes within, being so perfectly echoed and confirmed in this recent piece by CJ Hopkins over at Counterpunch. 😉

P.S. – 19th Feb 2018 – Interestingly, there seems, finally, to be a swathe of articles which are now pinpointing and exposing the insidiousness of MSM collusion with fake-news narratives. This ZeroHedge article is a very good one.

P.S. – 19th Feb 2018 – As I originally said in this article, there was a high likelihood that the leaked documents did not even originate from a “hack.” Here, Kim Dotcom confirms that.


4 thoughts on “Post-Election Madness – Down through the Looking-Glass We Tumble – Into the most Dangerous and Kafka-esque Twilight Zone Imaginable.

  1. As I originally firmly predicted in this article, TPTB are now bringing all manner of force to bear on freedom, and freedom of speech. A draconian censorship and “de-voicing” is underway, across all the “walled gardens” (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook … and the mothership Google). Between such corporations (and now governments) the vise-grip on almost any kind of freedom, is being inexorably tightened. Check out this latest article from Glenn Greenwald regarding what a variety of governments now have planned for their “citizens, whether it is “legal” or not.” Happy days! Read it and weep.


  2. Hello Nick
    I highly doubt that you will remember me, we met at the St Kilda Bowls Club back in the early 2000’s ….I was working there part time and hanging out there full time…drinking and socialising with kindred spirits!
    You were living in Sth Yarra if I remember correctly?
    For some reason I thought of you and googled your name and presto I found you.
    I love what you are writing about and how you see the modern world.
    Good on you!
    I will continue reading all that you are posting and will get a copy of your book.
    All the best
    Mark Dobbin


    1. Heyyyy Dobbo!
      Wow … what a surprise!
      Of course I remember you.
      We had quite a few classic laughs and antics in and around the St Kilda fun-zone … I really appreciated the induction into the bowls-club scene.
      Thanks for the kind words about the blog … it’s one of the few ways I can stay sane in this fucked-up cartoon we all seem to be living in these days.
      I won’t write much more here, but hit me up on any of the below.
      Good to hear from you fella … I hope you’re well … let me know!
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